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Himfloor SL


SL2/3/4000 self-flowing solvent-free epoxy floor topping, pigmented, 2.5 mm
SL 2000EPU epoxy/uréthanne self levelling mortar.
SL PU Self levelling based on polyurethane pigmented resin – 2 mm (specific finish layer : Himfloor FC220).
SL PU FLEX Self levelling based on polyurethane pigmented resin – 2 mm. Shore A Hardness > 75 and elongation at break approx. 150 %.

Self-flowing poured floors owe their name to the fact that, once their components have been mixed, they have the property of flowing to form a smooth surface. These floor systems consist of a mixture of epoxy or polyurethane resins, hardeners, graded inert fillers and possibly a colouring paste. The high resin content gives them a fairly glossy appearance. They are applied with a trowel or a toothed spreader and are then rolled with a nylon needle roller to allow trapped air to escape. In general, major unevenness in the substrate is not levelled out by self-flowing floor treatments, and so it is not possible to achieve a smooth surface in such a case. It is important to apply a primer first to seal pores in the substrate.

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Banque Nexia 75 Paris Bank Parking 800
C.I.S. Bio 91 Saclay Atomic energy Workshop 500
Dalmec 95 Argenteuil Industrial production Workshop / Showrrom 1200
Dassault Aviation 64 Anglet Aviation Production 350
Faurecia 44 St Nicolas Redon Mecanic Workshop 2000
Toyota 75 Paris Car Surface sale 600
Hutchinson 37 Joué les Tours Plastic Production Workshop 500
Ibiden 45 Courtenay Car Workshop 11000
Lycée Jean Lesage 56 Vannes Public education Workshop 1000
Meritor 88 St Die Car Workshop 3000
Orsay 90 Belfort Clothes Trade Surface sale 200
Plastic Omnium 38 La Verpillière Pharmaceutical Plastic production 1700
Ponroy Sauté 85 Boufferé Pharmaceutical White room 900
Renault 72 Le Mans Car Workshop 300
Renault 78 Flins Car Workshop 8000
Servier 45 Gidy Laboratory Laboratory 8000
Sofinter 44 Bouguenais Storage Storage area 1000
Weil 57 Boulay Trade Workshop 1500
Collège de Châtillon 69 Châtillon Azergues Public education Gymnasium 160
Centre de rétention 75 Paris Prison room + corridor 1500
Innelec 93 Pantin Trade Storage area 580
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Hôtel de Police 75 Paris Public Hall 200
PSA 78 Poissy Car Production 500
CEA 91 Saclay Nuclear Storage area 300
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